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If you are representing yourself, you will still have to become knowledgeable of the applicable Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, Ohio Rules of Evidence, all.
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Generally, the court approaches property division in a divorce case with the presumption that marital property should be equally divided. Spouses may present arguments why an equal division is unfair. Ultimately, the judge determines fair division of the property. The court decides child custody and visitation issues based on what is in the best interests of the child, considering many different factors.

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Most often, both parents will be required to support the child after divorce. By their nature, divorce proceedings take time.

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They also often take an emotional toll on the parties. Evidence introduced in court becomes public, which can add to the strain. In any case, working to negotiate a settlement is preferable whenever possible. No matter what circumstances exist in your case, it is essential to have an experienced divorce attorney represent you in the proceedings.

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Child custody and support issues often arise during a divorce, but they can also arise after a divorce or during separation. Often a change in circumstances requires going to court to resolve custody and support issues relating to children. Our extensive experience in custody and family law matters benefits our clients substantially. We also handle many other types of matters relating to domestic relations and family law, including:.

No matter what type of concern you face, we can assist. We always devote our full attention to understanding all your circumstances and concerns. Then we work closely with you to develop the right strategy to resolve the issues in the best possibly way. We welcome you to contact us about your family law matter, whether it involves divorce, dissolution, custody, or another type of issue. Attorney David Perduk has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the legal and emotional challenges that accompany any matter arising in this sensitive area of law.

We do not charge a fee for your first consultation.

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We are dedicated to giving individualized, personal attention to every matter as reflected in several client-centered policies:. We are conveniently and centrally located in the northwest corner of Public Square in downtown Cleveland, just two blocks away from the Justice Center and the Cuyahoga County Courthouse. Urban Bridgette D. We are dedicated to giving individualized, personal attention to every matter as reflected in several client-centered policies: Phone calls and email are promptly returned, generally the same business day, but no later than the end of the next business day.

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Clients timely receive all information concerning any developments in their matter. Clients participate with attorneys in a partner-like relationship in decision-making.

hukusyuu-mobile.com/wp-content/husband/747-smartphone-location.php And of course, the more alimony a spouse requests, the more the other spouse will fight it, and the more expensive it becomes. For example, if a cheating spouse wasted a large amount of money on hotels, airfare, or gifts for a paramour, then a court can order that spouse to reimburse those funds or pay additional alimony. And note: If one spouse starts to cohabit live together with a romantic partner during the divorce, a judge may consider that as a factor when deciding whether and how much alimony to award the cohabiting spouse.

Divorces in Ohio where property needs to be divided cost more than the average, especially for high-net worth couples , spouses who file for a fault divorce, and couples who have to go to trial on their issues rather than settle them out of court. As with alimony, spouses who allege fault to try to get a larger share of the marital property may have higher costs. In Ohio, a spouse who wasted the couple's assets due to adultery or addiction may be entitled to fewer assets.


Spouses with numerous brokerage, retirement, and savings accounts, cars, and real estate will spend more on divorce because of the financial analyses needed from attorneys, appraisers, and tax experts. There's more to know about divorce in Ohio; you may find the following websites useful. Divorce in Ohio from Divorcenet. Your participation will help inform others about their situation and options before proceeding with their divorce. Skip to Main Content.