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There are exceptions caused by a lack of good faith and unreasonable action by officers. There is that chink in their armor, and courts repeatedly mention it. Anderson, Mont. The plaintiffs were arrested after their home was searched pursuant to a warrant erroneously obtained from a justice of the peace when it should have been obtained from the district court. The court held the law enforcement officers were not bound to know that the warrant, prepared and obtained by the county attorney and valid on its face, was void; and as long as their conduct stemmed from a reasonable belief as to the requirements of the law and was not unreasonable in any other way, they could not be held responsible.

Division of Criminal Investigation

The Montana court thus concluded that a law enforcement officer's acts cannot be tortious when he proceeds on the basis of his reasonable, good-faith understanding of the law and does not act with unreasonable violence or subjects the citizen to unusual indignity. Agnew v. City of Compton, F. Norris, F. Clipse v. Gillis, 20 Wn. The court there went on to hold that in the absence of a suggestion of corrupt or malicious motives, police officers have an immunity from liability in an action alleging negligence in an investigation which led to arrest. Public servants would be unduly hampered and intimidated in the discharge of their duties, and an impossible burden would fall upon all our agencies of government if the immunity to private liability were not extended, in some reasonable degree, to those who act improperly, or exceed the authority given.

There must indeed be means of punishing public officers who have been truant to their duties; but that is quite another matter from exposing such as have been honestly mistaken to suit by anyone who has suffered from their errors. As is so often the case, the answer must be found in a balance between the evils inevitable in either alternative.

In this instance it has been thought in the end better to leave unredressed the wrongs done by dishonest officers than to subject those who try to do their duty to the constant dread of retaliation. Judged as res nova, we should not hesitate to follow the path laid down in the books.

Slade v.

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City of Phoenix, Ariz. There is no false imprisonment when it is under the legal process of a warrant.

Towse v. State, Hawaii, P. Valid process is a complete justification for acts done under it and protects the person who sued it out as well as the officer who executed it. Porter v. Stormont-Vail Hospital, Kan. He can rely on the warrant; his duty is to make the arrest. He need not pass judgment on the judicial act or reflect on the legal effect of the adjudication.

Herndon v. County of Marin, 25 Cal. Common-law defenses were retained. By express declaration within the act it was not intended to impose or allow "strict liability for acts of governmental entities or public employees. Governmental immunity was retained except to the extent expressly provided by the act.


Section , W. With respect to law enforcement officers, "[a] governmental entity is liable for damages resulting from tortious conduct of law enforcement officers while acting within the scope of their duties. There is no issue as to whether the individual defendants appellees were acting within the scope of their duties as law enforcement officers; they were. We are satisfied that he committed no error. Economou, U. To the same effect is Harlow v.

Farmers Insurance Group, Wyo. Kay, Wyo. There is no showing whatsoever that Justice of the Peace Beckum was in fact biased or prejudiced in any fashion whatsoever. In Cline v. Sawyer, Wyo. It was there held that prejudgment of the case was not indicated by those relationships nor do they indicate any inclination toward Cline as would render the district judge unable to exercise impartially his judicial functions. Without more, such a bare allegation does not establish that a judge is unable to exercise his functions impartially. As there pointed out, such a relationship might even result in a "leaning over backwards" to maintain impartiality.

It was held in Cline that without a valid reason for recusal, there is a duty cast upon a judge not to recuse himself. MacNeil Bros. Company v. Cohen, F.

What Defines a Criminal Record in Wyoming?

She was aware that her husband was a deputy sheriff and probably knew that he was one of the investigating officers. It was obvious that she would have preferred not to act because she promptly reassigned the case to another justice of the peace.

Family Friendly Adventure in Sweetwater County, Wyoming

It will be recalled that other justices of the peace would not be available until the following week. The material in the file does not show bad faith or unreasonableness in their understanding of the law on the part of the officers in her issuance of the warrant. A second opportunity under the law of Wyoming is given to make a determination as to whether probable cause exists because, promptly after arrest, the accused must be brought before a tribunal for the purpose, amongst others, of setting the matter down for a preliminary hearing.

Rule 7, W. As held in Gerstein v. Pugh, supra, probable cause may be determined "either before or promptly after arrest" in order to meet Fourth Amendment requirements. Arresting officers in Indiana were unable at first to hold appellants because no showing could be made that they were in flight to avoid prosecution. Appellants would not waive extradition, which was their right, so it was necessary to go through the extradition process to obtain their return to Wyoming. They could not make bail, so remained incarcerated, a lawful process. Rule 8, W.


The regular processes of the law were all followed which resulted in custody of the appellants. Lengthy briefs were filed by counsel with the assigned justice of the peace, oral arguments were held, and the motion taken under advisement. As previously indicated, the court held the affidavit sufficient as to appellant Clyde Kimbley but insufficient as to appellant Kathleen Kimbley.

two Charges

The adequacy of the affidavit as to both was arguable. This is not a case in which in any sense the facts set out as probable cause were baseless or the charges frivolous; substance was present. The second justice of the peace was in a position of advantage, having the benefit of the adversary process, but it was not an open and shut matter.

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We have recently reiterated a definition. Wilson v. Probable cause exists if the proof is sufficient to cause a person to conscientiously entertain a reasonable belief that a public offense has been committed in which the accused participated. But that is not all. The matter of probable cause in a civil action for damages is a question to be decided by a court. Henning v. Miller, 44 Wyo.

Sweetwater County, Wyoming Public Records

There, an emphasis was placed upon the belief of the defendant in a civil action for damages. Thus, if at the time the criminal proceedings were instituted, if from all the circumstances, the facts known and believed by him, together with those he would in all probability have discovered by reasonable inquiry, were all such that the court is convinced that an ordinarily prudent and cautious man, knowing and believing them, would strongly suspect or believe the party accused to be guilty, then there was probable cause and the court should end the trial at that point.

It appeared to him that he had the makings of a successful prosecution and with that state of mind was convinced that he should proceed. The decision to prosecute was his not that of the many investigators who had gathered the available evidence. It was disclosed that he determined that there was probable cause to proceed in the light of all the facts pointing to appellants' guilt after extensive investigation revealed no facts indicating the guilt of others whom appellant Kathleen Kimbley accused.

The investigating officers were acting through state counsel and as can be seen in Blake v. Rupe, supra, this is a matter going to good faith and reasonableness of conduct.